Opinion: Lit Fest Madness

The 2023 Adelaide Writers Week has been a lot in the news lately, but not for good reasons. The event has been criticised at two authors appearing at the event, which has seen some authors pull out and some sponsors question their dedication. What caused this fallout to happen? Come discover the unfolding controversy behind the 2023 Adelaide Writers Week.

Blight Street

Sometimes the most intense stories told are short. Adelaide poet Geoff Goodfellow’s 2022 verse novella Blight Street is one of those. It’s a short piece of fiction that delivers the most intense and raw experiences I’ve read recently.

2022 Adelaide Writer’s Week Summary

The sun has now set on another Adelaide Writer’s Week. Ending on March 10, the 2022 Adelaide Writer’s Week was one bursting with inspiring authors and books. It’s hard to talk about all of them, so I thought I would discuss some aspects of the week that we both enjoyed.

Adelaide Writer’s Week 2022

It’s that magical time for writers and book lovers in Adelaide again; Adelaide Writer’s Week. To get excited for this time, I have included some authors who are going to be at this year’s event. These authors come from a variety of genres and backgrounds with many great stories to tell.

Out of Copley Street

Geoff Goodfellow is easily my favourite poet. Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Goodfellow’s raw, working-class poetry speaks to me unlike a majority of poetry I’ve previously read. Read more to find out why this is my second recommended read for 2022.

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