My Review System

How I Review Everything On This Blog

Reading through my reviews, you may notice that I don’t include anything at the end of my piece that rates it. This is not an error of judgement or a missing feature. It’s all part of how I run my review system: I don’t include any ratings at all.

The main reason as to why I do this is because like all art forms, it’s subjective. Just because I didn’t enjoy a story, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. It’s to make it fairer for the readers and allow them to make their own choice into reading something. I can only recommend for one to read something based on my own personal opinion.

The other reason is because I see not having a review system is more fair for authors and readers alike. There are some remarkable books by some fantastic authors out there, but I’m not going to enjoy them all. With that, I want to give them a chance to be read and enjoyed by other people. Sometimes, these reviews are the only exposure these authors will get, and I don’t want them to lose hope because someone didn’t rate them high enough.

These are the two main reasons why you won’t see 10/10, 2.5/5 or stars on my blog. It’s all to make a system more fair for everyone involved.

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