Blight Street

Sometimes the most intense stories told are short. Adelaide poet Geoff Goodfellow’s 2022 verse novella Blight Street is one of those. It’s a short piece of fiction that delivers the most intense and raw experiences I’ve read recently.

Opinion: Not The Art!

An Opinion on Current Art Vandalising The art world has recently seen two shock attempts at vandalising of significant works. First, it was Pablo Picasso’s ‘Massacre in Korea’ at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne, Australia. This was done through Extinction Rebellion members supergluing their hands to the piece. The second was tomato... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: Five Classic Films I’ve Never Seen

Classic cinema has been one of my long-time favourite pastimes. I’ve seen a lot of classic movies, from Universal’s Frankenstein to The Sound of Music. Yet, of all the many classic movies there are, some I’ve never watched. Part of the Friday Five, a weekly list of everything pop culture, from books and writing to video games and films.

The Tuesday Type: Trajan

I’ve long been inspired by the typography of the Ancient Roman Empire. Even to this day, the typeface continues to be highly readable and evoke a sense of greatness from the Antiquity era in Europe. Part Two of a Four-Part Series called The Tuesday Type, where I Explore Influential Forms of Typography.

Website Changes, September 2018

Hi all, I have recently renamed the site to instead of This is a part of my revamping and renewing of this website. I would like to do more with it rather than just the monthly Book Talk program, which will be beginning at the end of the year. Other changes to expect... Continue Reading →

Holden Memories

My Experiences with Holden On October 20th 2017, the last Holden left the assembly line. With it came the end of 69 years of the car brand’s Australian production history and the end of the Australian automotive industry. On that day, I travelled for the first time to the Holden plant in Elizabeth for a... Continue Reading →

Nightmare Reading

Five Short Story Collections to Keep You Up This October October has arrived! This is the month when we love to curl up in a blanket and scare ourselves with something from horror (imo, anytime in the year is great for horror). One of these ways we like to scare ourselves is through the written... Continue Reading →

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