Opinion: Not The Art!

An Opinion on Current Art Vandalising The art world has recently seen two shock attempts at vandalising of significant works. First, it was Pablo Picasso’s ‘Massacre in Korea’ at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne, Australia. This was done through Extinction Rebellion members supergluing their hands to the piece. The second was tomato... Continue Reading →

The Cover Life

My Lifelong Love of the Book Cover There’s something so magical about walking through a bookstore. I know for myself, entering one is like stepping into a whole different universe, full of many different galaxies with star systems and planets teeming with life. Millions of different worlds sit inside a bookstore, each as thrilling as... Continue Reading →

The Tuesday Type: Trajan

I’ve long been inspired by the typography of the Ancient Roman Empire. Even to this day, the typeface continues to be highly readable and evoke a sense of greatness from the Antiquity era in Europe. Part Two of a Four-Part Series called The Tuesday Type, where I Explore Influential Forms of Typography.

The Tuesday Type: Gill Sans

There’s perhaps no other type that could say so much about myself than Gill Sans. This sans-serif font in recent times has become my default font for almost everything writer and design related. Part One of a Four-Part Series called The Tuesday Type, where I Explore Influential Forms of Typography.

Unthinking Everything

Throughout my life, I have been taught the importance of thinking and planning. Yet, I have found these to be counterproductive in life and the idea of not thinking to be more productive.

Designing in the Shadows

There is something so fun and enticing about doing something in the shadows. Throughout my schooling years, writing was that something for me. I would secretly do when I was supposed to be working on assignments, or during the weekends. Yet, as I began to take my writing career seriously, another habit came to replace it: graphic design.

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