Stolen Focus

A Book on a Lesser-Known Major Crisis Our attention spans are shrinking dramatically. On average, workers in the United States are only focused on their work for about three minutes before distractions kick in. Children are not focusing at school and been diagnosed with various attention issues. Most of all, we feel horrible as we’re... Continue Reading →


An In-Depth Look into the Fall of the Australian Magazine Industry Welcome to 2023! I hope you, dear readers, had a great holiday season and start to your 2023. As for my first post of the year, I thought I’d start it off with the last book I started reading last year, and the first... Continue Reading →


An Interesting Look into the Story of Australian Journalism Journalism has been forever changed. Between the digital revolution, loss of trust with the public and immense job losses, journalism has lost a lot of its former prestige. Australia, like so many western nations, has had these issues plague its journalism industry. It’s with this that... Continue Reading →

Preaching about Dead Plants

A Belated Response to Judith Brett’s 2020 Essay “The Coal Curse” ‘Australia is a wealthy nation with the economic profile of a developing country – heavy on raw materials, and low on innovation and skilled manufacturing.’ This opening sentence on the blurb of Judith Brett’s 2020 essay The Coal Curse: Resources, Climate and Australia’s Future... Continue Reading →

Stop Reading the News

Swiss writer Rolf Dobelli doesn’t read the news. He said this in front of a room full of journalists, who were shocked by his statement, considering he’s a writer. This idea also sounds about as absurd as it is, when I first encountered his book, Stop Reading the News: A Manifesto for a Calmer, Happier Life. Yet, it’s a book that stuck in my mind and I became curious about it. I managed to pick a copy up at my local library and was instantly taken back by it. It’s a book that really does speak to the issues of media today, as well as its effects on someone.

The Silent Victim

"Why Pandemic Fiction is one of the Silent Victims of COVID-19" COVID-19 has thrown the world into complete jeopardy and chaos. All over the world, from London to Adelaide, we have essentially gone into shutdown, economies have halted and we are isolating ourselves in a bid to stop the virus spreading. The virus has caused... Continue Reading →

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