Writers Week 2023 Summary

The sun has now set on another Adelaide Writers Week. Throughout this year though, it has been a different sort of week, one mired by controversy. Yet, upon my visit to this event, there was little that I found to be controversial about it.

Opinion: Lit Fest Madness

The 2023 Adelaide Writers Week has been a lot in the news lately, but not for good reasons. The event has been criticised at two authors appearing at the event, which has seen some authors pull out and some sponsors question their dedication. What caused this fallout to happen? Come discover the unfolding controversy behind the 2023 Adelaide Writers Week.

Grave Predictions

The end has come to my reading! Or at least it has in the form of fiction as Grave Predictions. This short story collection is one which I really enjoyed and contained some eerily accurate stories that ring true today.


An In-Depth Look into the Fall of the Australian Magazine Industry Welcome to 2023! I hope you, dear readers, had a great holiday season and start to your 2023. As for my first post of the year, I thought I’d start it off with the last book I started reading last year, and the first... Continue Reading →

Better the Blood

Better the Blood is both a thrilling read and dives deep into some very flawed characters. It’s a book that dives into the colonial history of New Zealand and it impacts on the Māori population.

Scary Monsters

Have you ever come across a book so unique you can’t really describe it? Well, Michelle De Krester's Scary Monsters is one of those for me. Yet, it makes it one of the most engaging reads for me this year.

Too Much Lip

A Quirky Read During A Crazy Time So, it’s been a while since my last update. Between work, having Covid, family health crises, a failing computer and just overall chaos, blogging has fallen to the wayside. Yet, I’m still reading like crazy in this time, across a wide array of genres. One of these books... Continue Reading →


An Interesting Look into the Story of Australian Journalism Journalism has been forever changed. Between the digital revolution, loss of trust with the public and immense job losses, journalism has lost a lot of its former prestige. Australia, like so many western nations, has had these issues plague its journalism industry. It’s with this that... Continue Reading →

Arrakis Dreaming

Few books have polarised me like Frank Herbert’s Dune has. On one side, I love its worldbuilding and influence on science fiction. On the other hand, I’ve hated it for being a story that drags on when reading it.

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