So-Called “Greats”: Neuromancer

The Birth of a Sub-Genre That's Like Playing a Video Game from the 1980s Today William Gibson’s Neuromancer has been regarded as the novel that gave birth to the cyberpunk sub-genre. This claim is for good reason too; it introduced the world to the grand world of the matrix and the high-tech dystopia. Yet, for... Continue Reading →

So-Called “Greats”: Frankenstein

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is considered to be the first modern science fiction novel. Yet, despite it ushering in modern science fiction and horror, it's a terribly written mess of a book that has been adapted better over time.

2022 Adelaide Writer’s Week Summary

The sun has now set on another Adelaide Writer’s Week. Ending on March 10, the 2022 Adelaide Writer’s Week was one bursting with inspiring authors and books. It’s hard to talk about all of them, so I thought I would discuss some aspects of the week that we both enjoyed.

Pure Invention

Matt Alt’s 2020 book Pure Invention tackles the large and sprawling topic of Japanese popular culture, and comes out as an engaging read that’s as informative as it is nostalgic.

So-Called “Greats”

They are the “greats” of speculative fiction, ones which either inspired entire sub-genres or re-defined the genre in some way. Yet, as I read through some of these over the years, I found myself asking one question: are they really that great? Are they legendary, just good, or is it all just hype?

Remembering the Dead

Lewis Woolston has returned with a second book, Remembering the Dead. Much like my experience with The Last Free Man, I enjoyed my time reading this book and got wrapped up in the many stories within it.

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